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Contents 1 Description 2 Crafting 2.1 Required Items 2.2 Crafting Recipe 3 Notes 4 References Description Aloe Cream is a craft-able medical supply that can be used to..

Aloe Plants can be found in the Desert biome. Aloe Plants can be used to craft Aloe Cream, which is used to make Bandages for recovering health like painkillers, without the reduction in hydration. Occurrenc..

Antibiotics are a medical supply used to cure Infection spread by Zombies, Antibiotics can be created using a chemistry recipe with a Beaker on a Camp Fire using a suitable Combustible fuel source. Antibiot..

Contents 1 Description 2 Unlocking 3 Uses 3.1 Healing 3.2 Bleeding 4 Crafting 4.1 Required Items 4.2 Crafting Recipe 5 Notes Description A First Aid K..

Description Herbal Antibiotics are a type of craftable medicine used to cure Infection and Dysentery. It can be created with a Cooking Pot on a Camp Fire. Unlocking Herbal Antibiotics ..

Painkillers are medical supplies most commonly found in households, on a dead Zombie and in air drop crates. Taking Painkillers will have a positive effect on your health and a negative effect on your Hydrati..

Description A Splint is a medical resource that's used when the player's character has fallen from a high spot and has broken their legs. Normally, the Splint will only work if it's used on the b..