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Bullets And More VR - BAM VR
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Bullets And More VR - BAM VR for PC

Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - NOTICE: YOU WILL NEED AN HTC VIVE TO PLAY THIS GAME! Bullets And More VR (BAM VR) allows you to create your own scenes in the powerful Scene Editor. Decide yourself if you want to have a chill or you want to feel the thrill of fighting for your life. The Editor is also featuring AI enemies like mobile soldiers or stationary turrets. You even can build a house with multiple levels in the Scene Editor. Also adjust additional settings like the gravity or the light settings and invincibility for your scene.

Of course you can save your scene and return later. Already featuring more than 60 assets to place in the Editor and more than 15 realistic behaving firearms like pistols, submachine guns, rifles, grenades and even a rocket launcher. If you do not feel like building your scene you can also play three different game modes. All modes feature very detailed and weapon specific high scores not just local but also online around the world. The three game modes in a nutshell: - Go into the forest and fight for your live.

Survive as long as possible beside innocent animals and deadly enemies. - Dodge incoming projectiles on the roofs and shoot the targets. Featuring low gravity for enabling you to do trick reloads for even better efficiency. - Enter the Shooting Range and show yourself and the world how much points you can gain in a given time. Find the right rhythm of shooting and reloading.


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