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Galactic Civilizations III
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Galactic Civilizations III for PC

Galactic Civilizations III - Design your own ships!About the Game Galactic Civilizations III is the premier space strategy game. The latest installment of one of the highest-rated strategy series of all time, created by the original developers at Stardock, Galactic Civilizations III challenges players to build an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, cultural hegemony, or scientific research. The stars are yours, if you can balance the demands of expansion, exploration, diplomacy, and all-but-inevitable galactic warfare. Careful strategy, not twitch reflexes, lead to victory in this turn-based strategy epic. Online multiplayer comes to Galactic Civilizations for the first time in Galactic Civilizations III.

Conquer the galaxy alongside your friends or battle for supremacy in titanic clashes.Feature List for Beta 6 (v0.90) Conquer the stars Play as the Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Altarian Resistance, Iridium Corporation, Krynn Syndicate, Thalan Contingency, Iconian Refuge, Yor Collective, or your own custom-designed faction Compete with friends Up to 4-player online multiplayer for the first time in franchise history Explore random maps All map sizes available: tiny/small/medium/large/huge/gigantic/immense/excessive/insane Colonize new worlds Develop and terraform habitable planets into teeming tourist paradises, hellish forgeworlds, and anything in between Make friends, extort enemies Diplomacy allows rich interactions between empires Minor factions Conquer or befriend races that don’t share your galactic ambitions Titanic deep-space clashes Admire your fleet's destructive potential in the real-time battle viewer Planetary invasions Choose strategies from tectonic destabilization to orbital bombardment to bring enemy colonies under your control Race-specific technology Each race moves through the Ages of Expansion, War, and Ascension its own way Unique factions Each of the eight races play differently, like the Yor who completely ignore farming and growth rules Design your starfleet Powerful ship designer lets players design ships from scratch or take advantage of pre-made blueprints Choose your ideology Gain unique bonuses by following pragmatic, benevolent, or merciless paths Mine galactic resources Miraculous materials like the antimatter around black-hole event horizons go into the construction of the most powerful warships Win your way Spread your empire across the galaxy through force, diplomacy, science or culture Future Features Single-player campaign Continue the epic storyline of the Galactic Civilizations series Guided tutorial Learn to play Galactic Civilizations III with an interactive tutorial mode.

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