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Tooth and Tail
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Tooth and Tail for PC

Tooth and Tail - In victory we feast. Our enemies will be dinner. Tooth and Tail is a Real-Time Strategy game set in a world of animal revolution. The Commonfolk, the Civilized, the Longcoats and the KSR are at war over who will eat and who will be eaten.Lead the Revolution Wage war with customizable factions, featuring units like mustard-gas skunks and flamethrowing boars.

From the creators of the IGF-winning game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, Tooth and Tail distills the Real Time Strategy genre down to a few buttons and eight-minute matches.An RTS for e-sports and casual couch play alike Tooth and Tail has an incredibly high skill-cap without getting bogged down by high APM/micro requirements. It's the type of RTS that can be enjoyed by competitive gamers and casuals alike. Pick up a controller and play with your friends on the couch, or hop online for intense competitive play. Tooth and Tail pits you in an animalistic war for food where the stakes couldn't be higher.

Original Soundtrack by Grammy Nominee Austin Wintory Online play Split-Screen Story Mode Arena mode Advanced Bot AI Up to 4 players, mixed split-sceen and online Controller or Keyboard/Mouse.

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