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Unexplored for PC

Unexplored - Easy to play, easy to die!Every time you play, Unexplored creates twenty fresh dungeons for you to explore! Beat hundreds of monsters, slay the dragon and find the fabled amulet of Yendor! • 'Easy to learn, easy to die'-gameplay • Brand new dungeon generator tech, the first of its kind! • Great replayability• Intense dual wielding melee combat • Clever lock-and-key puzzles and challenging dragons • Adaptive and original soundtrack!The next step in roguelitesUnexplored is an accessible, yet dangerous dungeon crawler. Expect excitement, a ‘live fast & die young’-attitude and a brand new dungeon every time your hero fails. It’s really easy to play, but Unexplored isn’t a forgiving game. It rewards only the survivors. When you die, you can’t go back to a saved game.

Never dull, never repetitive gameplay The game rewards skill and cunning and lots of practice! Unexplored uses the latest in game design and level-generation, while committing to a vintage look and feel of classic 80’s RPGs. True to the classics, you will enter the dungeon only after you’ve met the old geezer in the tavern who knows a lot about it…..

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