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CBSM Setup Guide - Cloud-based Server Manager Wiki

This page is intended to provide a setup guide for the 7 Days to Die Cloud-based Server Manager (CBSM) and assist new users with initial configuration. 
This server manager supports all commercial hosts, as well as game servers hosted on home networks

You can also use this Server Manager alongside other popular server managers. 
All CBSM settings begin in an 'off' state to prevent conflicts.

CBSM Setup Guide in 3 Steps

Step #1) Port Forwarding

In order to get started, you must know your IP address, and have the following ports forwarded/open.  
This step can often be skipped for commercial hosts. You will still need to take note of your proper port numbers, however.

  • Game port (defined in serverconfig.xml)
  • Game Query port (This port always becomes 'Game port + 1')
  • Telnet port (defined in serverconfig.xml)
  • Map port (This port always becomes 'ControlPanelPort + 2')

This means, that on a default installation, the following ports would need to be forwarded.

  • 26900 (Game Port)
  • 26901 (Game Query port)
  • 8081 (Telnet port)
  • 8082 (Map Port)


Step #2) - Alloc's Fixes

You also need to install the are Multiplayer server 'fixes', provided by Alloc - a member of The Fun Pimps. 

If you're using a game server hosting company, and they are familiar with 7 Days to Die hosting, they should be able to install this for you.
If you are hosting the game server through some other means, it's very simple to add these fixes yourself: 

Here you can find further information at the following link: Download Alloc Fixes 

Once you have downloaded the about file, you must upload the "Mods" folder found within it, to your game-server directory -- typically through FTP. 
Once complete, you will have a "Mods" folder in the same directory as the "7DaysToDieServer_Data" folder. 

Note: Alloc's fixes will only work on the Dedicated server build of the game. If you are hosting the server yourself, you will need to ensure you are not running the server off of the client version of the game.


Step #3) Cloud Based Server Manager (CBSM)

Now that everything is prepared, you can signup for free - it takes about 30 seconds.
Once you login, you will be prompted to go to the server General Configuration page, and fill in your connection details, such as IP and Telnet Port and Telnet Password. Once your settings have been updated, you can begin reviewing the configuration options. Feel free to enable and disable functions as you see fit. 


Note: You must also ensure the number formatting of your server uses decimals, and not commas - as sometimes can be the case internationally.

All CBSM connections will arrive from the IP:,,,,  and

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