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7 Days to Die Features - Cloud-based Server Manager Wiki

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7 Days to Die Cheat Protection This function introduces a simple 'A.I.' (artificial intelligence) with the 7 Days to Die Cloud Based Server Manager (CBSM) in order to identify if a player has cheated..

  Note: This feature has been retired. Interested in bringing it back? Discuss it! This function allows you bridge the gap between nationalities, with real-time chat translation. With this..

This functionality allows players to research a cure. Server operators are able to configure the zCoin cost of beginning the research. A player must research the cure for a minimum period of 20 minutes,..

The Custom Commands feature provided by the Cloud-based Server Manager allows operators to establish personalized custom commands for their players to execute. There is no limit to the number of commands ..

This functionality allows players to use the /gimmie command. Server operators are able to configure an infinite number of items as possible rewards. When a player uses the /gimmie command, they will rece..

The Cloud Based Server Manager (CBSM) now has an internal Global Ban List, which server operators can 'opt-in' to. When enabled, you server will automatically refuse and ban any players from your server..

Note: This feature has been retired. Interested in bringing it back? ​Discuss it!   This In-game Messenger feature allows players to send messages to each other, even if they are offline. ..

This is a simple function, that allows users to look up game and item information, without a web browser.  With this feature enabled, users will be able to search for an item, and the server will spit out&..

The 7 Days to Die jail plugin introduces an optional ability for server operators to enable an in-game jail. The operator is able to specifically choose the coordinates of the jail cell, the time (in minutes) ..

The Landmarks function is a variation of the Plot System. They are physical locations within the game world. Unlike plots, which are managed by players, the Landmarks are created by the server operator wi..

The zCoin Lottery mod allows your players to purchase lottery tickets using their zCoin balance. The cost of each ticket, and the potential pay out of each lottery drawing is configurable by the server ope..

The Cloud-based Server Manager provides moddest support and functionality to the moderators of your game server - As a server owner, this will allow your moderators to take advantage of the same ..

The Cloud-based Server Manager has a flexible permission system that can either be applied to other Envul users, or players on your game server. The permission system is intended to provide a simplistic means o..

The player shop feature is a part of the Plot System. If player vendors / shops are enabled, players can create and manage their own zCoin shops. How do player shops work? When a player converts their ..

The Plot System provided by the Cloud-based Server Manager allows players to create and maintain their own plots of land. The plot system is not a replacement for a land claim block, but works in addition to.&n..

The PvP Bounty system is an optional setting within the Server Manager that is integrated into the economy plugin. If enabled, it will allow players to set a bounty on another player. When a player ha..

The Reserved Player Slots feature as provided by the Cloud-based Server Manager, will allow you to prioritize your players, allowing certain players to join the server - even while it is full. This is hoped to ..

This feature allows players to teleport back to the place that they died. This can be used for a variety of reasons, but should appeal the most to casual players. The player resurrection does not work during P..

This function introduces the opportunity to view your randomly generated world in a similar fashion to Google Maps, without installing any additional software on the game server.  The maps is generated in..

This function introduces an optional ability for players try create waypoints, allowing them to easily teleport to it later.  Server operators can have full control over Zombie Coins (zCoin) cost..

This function allows you to instantly reward your players for voting, with Voting Points (vP).  With the voting mod enabled, when a player votes for your server, they will receive a Voting Point - eve..

The The Cloud-based Server Manager offers a minimalist Server Whitelist Manager and is intended to assist with the basic task of adding and removing players from your server's whitelist. The inter..