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7 Days to Die Setup - Cloud-based Server Manager Wiki

This section of Cloud-based Server Manager Wiki is intended to cover the topic of 7 Days to Die Setup. Select a page you would like to learn more about.

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The Cloud-based 7 Days to Die Server Manager caters to all aspects of 7 Days to Die multiplayer -- Operators, moderators, and players. This page contains a brief list of some of the available commands ..

This page is intended to provide a setup guide for the 7 Days to Die Cloud-based Server Manager (CBSM) and assist new users with initial configuration.  This server manager supports all commercial ho..

This function introduces an optional ability for server operators to create their own customized economy for their server using Zombie Coins (zCoin).  The operator can choose which items are availabl..

The 7 Days to Die Map Generator provided by the CBSM is intended to pre-generate the server map. The main intent for this, is to quickly reveal the map, and be done with the processing involved with t..

The Permission Shop is very similar to the zCoin shops, and voting reward features. However, instead of selling items or entities, the Permission Shop is intended to offer unique privledges ..

The Cloud-based Server Manager allows you to perform Scheduled Server Restarts, at your configured interval.  The schedule can be hours apart - or days apart, and will persist despite temporary disconnecti..

The Survival of the Fittest (SotF)is a feature within the Cloud-based Server Manager (CBSM) that faciliates a "hardcore" mode, popular within survival games. When a player is killed - for any reason -..