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CHS - Classic Horde Survival - Mod for 7 Days to Die
CHS - Classic Horde Survival

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Mod Details

Anti-Cheat Compliant

Welcome to CHS - Classic Horde Survival. This mod aims to offer a completely different experience from vanilla. If you want a mod that adds more farming, crafting, building or expands the game to last for hundreds of days this is NOT the mod for you. This mod is intended to be more towards having a few hours of fun in a horde mode rather than spending weeks building cities. If you just want to kill hordes of zombies while scavenging for food and ammo, this mod might be for you.

Warning: If you have a below average computer you may experience FPS issues when playing this mod due to the large number of zombie spawns. You can lower your games spawn settings in the game options to try to dial it back some but your millage may vary.

Classic Zombies:

Zombies in CHS do not run, climb ladders, vomit or absorb hundreds of bullets to the head to die. There are no zombie animals or giant mutant bees. What you get are many slow lumbering hordes that try to overwhelm you with numbers. You will not take them down with two arrows in the knee or a pistol in the hip. The combat is centered around the philosophy that the best and most effective way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain.

Zombies also deal considerably less block damage (1 point of damage). So you will no longer have a zombie eating through concrete or wood like it was tissue paper.

NOTE: If you have zombies running set to "normal" they will still run at night. Turn off zombie running in the game settings if you want it off completely. I do this to give the player a choice. In vanilla some zombies always run at daytime, meaning you could never truly disable it. Now you can.

Starting Classes:

When you start the game you will have a Class Selection item in your inventory. With this you can craft one of several classes to start the game with a specific focus and advantage.


Basic Supplies (all classes start with these) -
Random Shirt+Pants with boots
1 Can of food
1 Painkiller
1 Bottled Water
1 Bandage
1 Flashlight
100 relevant ammo

Hunter Class -
Hunting Rifle
Skinning Knife (More Hide from Skinning)
Animal Feed (Used for Animal Snares and Chicken Coops)
Repair kits

Hunter Skills/Perks-
Rifles: 20
762mm Round Crafting: 10
Leatherworking: 10
Gun Smithing: 10
Animal Traps: 10

Gunman Class -
Leather Duster
Cowboy Hat
50 Casino Coins (used to purchase items from the Merchant Delivery Box)
Repair Kits

Gunman Skills/Perks-
9mm Round Crafting: 10
Pistols: 20
Gun Smithing: 20
Bartering: 10

Bruiser Class -
Football Helmet
Iron Club
Pump Shotgun
Repair Kits
2 Painkillers
2 FirstAid Bandages

Bruiser Skills/Perks-
Shotgun Shell Crafting: 5
Blunt Weapons: 20
Blade Weapons: 10
Shotguns: 10
Athletics: 10
Improvised Armor: 5

Survivor Class -
Cloth Hood
Led Goggles
1 Can Meat Stew
1 Bottled Water
2 Bandage

Survivor Skills/Perks-
Crossbow: 10
Wooden Bow: 5
Archery: 10
The Survivor: 1
Blunderbuss: 5
Lockpicks: 10
Tool Smithing: 10

Medic Class -
Skull Cap
Repair Kits
1 Military Ration
1 Purified Water
1 First Aid Bandage
1 Herbal Antibiotic

Medic Skills/Perks -
9mm Round Crafting: 10
Medicine: 20
Science: 15
Tailoring: 10
Pistols: 10

Limited Crafting:

Crafting in CHS is greatly reduced from vanilla. You cannot craft iron or steel tools, wood frames or anything particularly complex in regards to tools or blocks. You cannot grow a farm and mining tunnels is not only made more irrelevant but also much more tedious as as stone takes far longer to mine.

To eat you will need to loot. To get tools you will need to loot. To get ammo you will need to loot. To get someplace safe to will need to take over prefabs. You can still reinforce buildings and make repairs. Woodframes can even be found in working stiffs if you want to work on a small repair project.

Tool and weapon repairs are simplified down. You no longer need a bunch of forged steel or iron to repair multiple tools - you can now use whetstones which are simple to get early on by mining the boulders you find in the wild or by stone (though stone takes much longer). Everything made in a way to encourage a more fast-paced playstyle with less emphasis on grinding and more on just playing and killing hordes of zombies.

New Weapons+Mods:

There are a few new weapons in the players arsenal. A combat axe and scythe are added to the loot table. Along with several "legendary" melee weapons ranging from a chainsaw to a wrench. There is also a boomstick for those who really want to live out the Ash fantasy.

The guns themselves now have more individual focus. The SMG, Magnum, Assault Rifle and Sniper are now no longer found in loot. The three guns you find and use are Shotguns, Hunting Rifle and Pistol. However to compensate for the lack of gun variety these guns now can be modified.

Pistols can be modded to have a silencer and an extended clip.

Hunting Rifles can be modded to have an extended clip and a scope (essentially filling the sniper rifle role).

Shotguns can be modded to be sawed off or choked.

With these changes you now will no longer be finding "useless" ammo that you are likely to never need or use as much as you might in Vanilla (9mm ammo).

There also a few different ammo types that can be found in certain loot to add extra flavor to the game. Such as incendiary rounds to set zombies on fire or hollow point rounds to deal a little extra damage when you miss the head.

Rebalanced Loot:
In CHS you find less "trash" loot. While there will still be junk items you may not particularly need most of the loot tables have been streamlined a great deal to focus more on useful items and less on crap. This mod aims to be faster paced and is not necessarily designed for players who like to go several weeks into the game and want a slower grind.

You do not find gun parts in loot anymore - though you can find gun mod parts such as a silencer, scope or extended clips. Now instead of gun parts you will find complete guns - of which there are now only THREE (pistol, shotgun, hunting rifle). Supply crates now drop a nicer supply of resources that make them worthwhile to find. Even the treasure chests are slightly more lucrative.

Different zombies drop different loot. If you want to focus more on food the female zombies make a good target. Nurses are good for medical supplies. Cops are good for weapons.

You no longer find weapon casings and tips. Now instead you find bullets. The only way to get bullet casings or tips is to dismantle your ammo.

All zombies have a chance to drop ammo, armor or weapons.

You can also find generic "ammo boxes" in certain loot such as the supply drop or military munition crates. These ammo boxes can be whatever one of the three ammo types you prefer.

New Perk System:

In CHS there are no more recipe books you need to find and read to learn how to assemble or craft weapons or various items. Everything in CHS is now made into Perks that you have to purchase with skill points. Books you find in loot are now "skill books" that will give you points in certain skills depending on the book.

Many perks are now multi-layered. Meaning instead of spending 10 points to unlock level 1 of a perk to get a recipe you will now need 10 levels in a perk to get the recipe with each level costing one point. This means reading multiple skill books can potentially unlock new recipes.

Some recipes, such as clubs, are now locked behind your actual skill level. So for example you will unlock more club recipes by leveling your Blunt Weapons skill.

You can also find Survivor Notes off of zombies or in loot that can be read to gain a skill point.

New Combat System:

Other than headshots being one-hit-kills for nearly every weapon some of the melee weapon ranges have also been adjusted - including the melee range of zombies. This should help reduce the chance of a zombie being able to hit you from what seems like several blocks away.

Getting hit by a zombie will drain your stamina a little so be on guard.

Certain melee weapons (wooden club not included) can be used as a guard. To do this right-click while holding the weapon. When you guard you have a brief window of immunity to certain buffs such as bleeding, infection and stun. You also for this short window have a faster movement speed so you can dodge out of combat. Just be careful not to get too arrogant - dodging/blocking consumes stamina and the immunity window only lasts for half a second.

Bleeding is also no longer fatal. You don't have to worry about bleeding to death from a small cut just because you were a few seconds too slow to apply the bandage.
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How to Install:
Right Click 7 Days To Die and select properties
Click the Local Files Tab
Click the Browse local files button.
Open the CHS zip file then drag and drop the contents into the game's directory, overriting when prompted. That's it.
NOTICE: This version of CHS was built on the A14 version of 7 Days to Die.

v2 .17
Removed many UMA zombies to reduce the strain on hardware.

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2 years ago

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Would love to see this mod compatible with the current version of the game.

3 years ago

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This MOD is lookin pretty tight . will definitely check it out. Thanks Valmar for all your 7D2D efforts.

3 years ago

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P.S: It's for 14.7 and is pretty darn fun....back to it!!!! :D

3 years ago

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Would be extremely helpful if the version this was intended to be used with was noted on the page.