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Cities: Skylines Has Sold Over 3.5 Million Copies - Cities: Skylines Game Updates

About Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines - Digital Deluxe EditionThe Deluxe Edition: Included in the Deluxe Edition are 5 In-game historical monuments from around the world, the games original soundtrack as well as a digital art book. Five in-game items include: Statue of Liberty Eiffel Tower Brandenburg Gate Arc de Triomphe Gran..

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Cities: Skylines Has Sold Over 3.5 Million Copies - Update Details

It seems Cities: Skylines has done rather well for Colossal Order, and for publisher Paradox, shifting over 3.5 million copies to date. It's also the second anniversary of the enormo-city builder's release, so in celebration the developer is putting out some free DLC, which will be "available soon". Pearls from the East will offer up a bunch of China-themed buildings to all players, with the free download comprising "a Panda Zoo, a Chinese Temple, and the Shanghai Pearl Tower", all of which should add a splash of Asian flair to your metropolises. That's not t...

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