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ClanWars - Mod for 7 Days to Die

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Mod Details

Anti-Cheat Compliant

There are four classes and each has its own direction.
Each class has its own armor, weapons Workstations and recipes.
At the beginning of the game, everyone is given the opportunity to choose their class through the Class Selection Item.With classcoin you can open your class equipment. Each class gets classpoints. These points can not be created by themselves and are important to learn all the recipes of their class. So take good care of it. Each class has its own shop where you can buy needed items and recipes. The Paladin and the Mercenary need Cash to buy Stuff at the shop. The Citizen need old Cash and the Ranger need Bonecoins.

Paladins are the new law, they are fighters and stand for law and order.

Mercernary :
The mercenaries are a balanced mix of fighters and robbers.

Rangers are best suited for exploring and hunting

Citizens are the weakest, But the citizens can learn every profession like blacksmith or stone-mason etc.

There is a new currency. To buy something from the dealer you still need Stocks. You can craft Stocks.
For Example. 20 Bottled Water = 1 Stocks
Stocks Can be made with food,Water, ammunition

Zeds: The Zeds never Run. But there are many Zeds and they very Hungry.

Soldiers : The government has sent its troops. But they are not your friends. The mission is to destroy all the living in the contaminated area. The problem is you are in the contaminated zone. SO Be warned

Walking Traders:

Traveling traders are everywhere. They flee from the zombies and the soldiers. You can Buy and sell your Stuff there.

Added many new Items and custom Icons
Added many new Zeds
Added new Enemy Soldier
Added new Workstations and Tools
Added new Materials
Added new Weapons
Addes new Armors
Added new NPC : Walking Traders
Overhaul of the Progression skills
Overhaul of the Zeds
Overhaul of the Recipes
Overrhaul of the Environment
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How to Install:
Right Click 7 Days To Die and select properties
Click the Local Files Tab
Click the Browse local files button.
Open the Valmod zip file and open the ClanWarsV1 folder within then drag and drop the Data and Mods folder into the game's directory, overwriting when prompted.

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Do you plan update Mod? to alpha 17?