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About Blue Fang Solutions

Founded in 2012

As a relatively new company, Blue Fang Solutions makes it's mark with a staff of industry veterans from many different backgrounds, and with this team, have built Blue Fang Solutions from the ground up to bring reliability and customization to their game servers. Knowing performance is paramount to the enjoyment of the game, Blue Fang Solutions uses the latest in enterprise grade hardware to meet the requirements of today's game servers.

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Blue Fang Solutions offers a Custom Control Panel


Games offered by Blue Fang Solutions

Game Slot Fee Capacity
7 Days to Die $1.25 10 - 40 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $2.00 10 - 100 Slots Compare
Arma 3 $1.56 16 - 100 Slots Compare
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare $0.75 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $0.75 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Garry's Mod $0.80 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Killing Floor 2 $2.49 6 - 6 Slots Compare
Life is Feudal: Your Own $0.55 1 - 64 Slots Compare
Medieval Engineers $1.50 10 - 40 Slots Compare
Minecraft $0.62 1 - 102 Slots Compare
Reign of Kings $0.99 10 - 40 Slots Compare
Rust $0.30 60 - 200 Slots Compare
Space Engineers $1.50 10 - 50 Slots Compare
Starbound $1.50 10 - 50 Slots Compare
Terraria $1.25 10 - 32 Slots Compare

Blue Fang Solutions Reviews and Feedback

294 days ago
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I like Bluefang, they have been very helpful even though their Admin Panel is confusing and took some time to get used to. If you pay for their platinum service, you really get the royal red carpet white glove treatment. I have been using Bluefang for over 2 years now with Envul and they are my goto host and cPanel for 7DTD now. No need to look elsewhere so far.
1100 days ago
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A friend of mine decided to purchase hosting service from Bluefang, and has had nothing but trouble and now is being threatened like a child by BlueFang.

After purchasing hosting from Bluefang and having nothing but trouble with the set up and the complete lack of back end support a requested for a refund, less than 24 hours after the purchased was made. The terms of service state that they will only provide a refund if they feel like it and must be approved by the owner. Which would never in a million years stand up in court. A paypal dispute and was opened and promptly threats by BlueFang were issued, instead of simply refunding the money after having a bad experience. Way to go BlueFang, customer service and excellence are certainly not a part of your companies policies. Simply put, A dissatisfied customer wanted, their money back. thats all, and their response is as negative as you can get. If Negative stars could be awarded they would be.

From BlueFang:

Josh said:

Opening a paypal dispute is seen as an attempt to circumvent or breach our terms of service and constitutes a forfeit of the money that has been paid. Please close the paypal dispute if you wish to receive a full refund. If the dispute is not closed we will be forced to defend our reputation with paypal via the resolution center and we will aim to win the dispute so we do not receive a negative mark.

End Ticket Message


1399 days ago
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There full of s**t. They don't even offer true Ddos protection. Go with they're the real deal, not blue f*g solutions.

1404 days ago
3 0

Used BF for several months with 2 servers. All was fine up until the point I could no longer connect to my own server for maintenance etc. Their DDoS front end started detecting my Time Warner service as a threat apparently and locked me out for hours at a time. I could no longer maintain my servers or even play the game. I proved this with documentation on numerous occasions and they were not clueless how to fix it. They do not know what they are doing and ticket response is lacking and generally closed before making sure the issue is resolved. I would never use them again, ever. Poor, poor customer service and their servers lag so much its crazy. Look elsewhere.

1411 days ago
1 0

I used BFS for quite a while to host a 7dtd server and never had anything untoward happen. I found their response to tickets to be a bit lengthy and I generally found a solution before they responded.

1414 days ago
2 0

I've been using Bluefang for over a year now to host a 32 slot server. I tried them after having poor service with another provider, and I haven't had any reason to complain since. Any issue is dealt with quickly, usually within the hour or sometimes within minutes due to the real time chat feature. The server quality is top notch, even with many players on the server their hardware keeps up. There are times I check server and it's using over 10 GB of RAM for my game, there are no complaints from Bluefang even when there were memory leaks using 12 or 13 GB of RAM. Other providers have capped RAM usage which will crash your server when the cap is reached. The game updates are available as soon as they are released to Steam. With my old provider I had to wait hours and sometimes over a day just to get my server updated to the latest version. Bluefang is always keen to help out, they will answer newbie questions and even invest time troubleshooting server problems that turn out to be an issue with the game. 5/5

1414 days ago
1 0

I have been with BF for two years, I've never had an issue with then. Their CS is outstanding and always there to help even if you don't pay for their "help package". Server is never is never down, their up time guarantee is more than what it states. Very quick to answer support tickets, and will do whatever they can to ensure that your problem is resolved ASAP. Their prices are very ez on the wallet as well. Moving my server from BF just wouldn't be an option I'd be willing to discuss.

Ozz Freak
1415 days ago
1 0

been with BF off and on for 2 yrs. really no problems with them, sometimes they are a little slow at responding when they get over loaded. Jose knows his stuff and has helped me out quite a few times. you really can't fault them at all for a lot of game because they handle a lot of Early Access games so there are going to be ups and downs.. even though they aren't the cheapest you get what you pay for

1415 days ago
1 0

Been using Bluefang solutions for while now and they have been helpful with moving us to different servers when we have had issues, most notably DDOS. The only issue I have would be that I know more with troubleshooting 7 days to Die and the defacto answer is "new seed"; however, it is hard to fault them for that due to the fact they handle more than 1 game.

1415 days ago
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7 Days to die would be unplayable with out envul. His antihacker program is the best out. The maps make it easy to track players and clean up if a hacker does slip through the cracks. Bag check is a great way to make sure people are playing fairly. The zcoins, /home, /spawn, /teleport can really change up the server in a good way. If you aren't using this service your server is vulnerable!

1415 days ago
1 0

Been using BF since November, based on experience with a prior server in which i played normally on, and so far everythings been good. They've been pretty prompt in responding to inquiries left in support tickets, as well as responding on twitter as well, and at some point during the day has a live help where you can actually chat with someone, though i've only managed to find that option once. There have been a few hiccups with the last a14 patch for 7d2d, however i cannot be entirely certain what the root of the issue was it seems to have resolved on its own. They're very honest when a situation involves a DDoS , but when that happens you pretty much just have to wait for it to clear up. I thought there was some kind of DDoS protection mechanisms in place.... But overall I'm satisfied with the service and don't have any plans on changing.