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Founded in 2000

GameServers has been the #1 game hosting company for the past six years. They have provided game and voice services to over 400,000 customers from their 35 worldwide locations. As one of the largest networks, has been able to meet the strict hosting requirements of many notable game studios and developers, during their times of need. With a custom control panel for server management - as well as adding and managing game mods - has greatly simplified the hosting niche.

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GameServers offers a Custom Control Panel


Games offered by GameServers

Game Slot Fee Capacity
7 Days to Die $1.69 8 - 40 Slots Compare
Starbound $1.56 8 - 50 Slots Compare
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $1.30 12 - 32 Slots Compare
Battlefield 4 $1.69 10 - 70 Slots Compare
Life is Feudal: Your Own $1.30 8 - 64 Slots Compare
Killing Floor 2 $1.96 6 - 6 Slots Compare
DayZ $1.96 30 - 50 Slots Compare
Reign of Kings $1.30 10 - 40 Slots Compare
Unturned $1.30 8 - 24 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $1.30 30 - 100 Slots Compare
Space Engineers $1.30 8 - 60 Slots Compare
Terraria $1.56 8 - 50 Slots Compare
Call of Duty: World at War $0.77 12 - 32 Slots Compare
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $1.16 12 - 32 Slots Compare
Minecraft $1.16 8 - 32 Slots Compare

GameServers Reviews and Feedback

1064 days ago
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Gave them another chance, 6 hours later after giving them money, I have 2 tickets in and nothing. And their Twitter account is setup so you cannot publicly post anything, guess they got tired of being bashed for everyone to see.

1157 days ago
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Been running for a few days, better than other hosts so far. Some nice back-end features but could use some more.

1243 days ago
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Highly receptive to my needs and fast to respond. Have ftp for moddding. Very pleased with them.

1307 days ago
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I have used GameServers off and on for about 3 years now for a handful of different games. Currently I am running a 20 Slot 7 Days to Die with them. First off, they cap their RAM WAY WAY WAY too low for server slots above 10-15 player after you have 10-15 players connected to your server you can expect the RAM usage to be exceeded and the server will crash in a few hours. Their support staff can take upwards to 24 hours to respond to your tickets ( I have had tickets go longer without a response from the upper support staff ) With the current crash issues I am having with my server they blame CBSM for driving up the RAM usage that crashes the server. Due to their no refund policy on clanpay, I am stuck with them for another 4 months due to player donations. The past two times I did not get a warning for any routine down time as well there was an unscheduled outage at my servers location yesterday which I received no notification for. As you can imagine that p**ses off my player base.

I do NOT recommend them for pretty much any server rental I had similar issues with them when I started using them and I just recently wised up to them. If you want to grow a decent server with good and loyal players, do not pick gamesevers to host. Your players will get frustrated with the down time and constant crash issues due to their low spec caps.

Look elsewhere for hosting.

1365 days ago
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I've tried them, Bluefang, and Fragnet. And I have to say their tech support is the horrible, avg turn around on getting back to me on a support ticket is 24 hours, longest one it took them 4 days to get around to it. The most recent issue is what they are doing is causing my server to crash repeatedly. I pointed out to them that in my logs that I get this error - "[108_61_109_182_25454_7daystodie] Server has exceeded maximum RAM limit (4096 MB), killing" which is followed by "Server has crashed, restarting". Their response was "I apologize for the delay. Because the Unity game engine has been experiencing issues with memory leaks, we were forced to place caps on subscriptions that use this game engine. The cap is not enabled on the server to hinder performance in any way. This is enabled as a preventative measure to detect these memory leaks when they occur, and restart the server process before it locks up the machine that hosts the subscription. The current amount allocated is more than enough to handle the current slot-count." I didn't have the other hosts doing this, so I will not being using them again.

1379 days ago
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s**tty host. it used to be really good up until now. going to cancel the host and moving to a better spec and lower price. In game servers the server crashes 8 to 9 times a day.

1379 days ago
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I have been using gameservers for over a year now and have little complaints or none, Anytime I did have a problem the service was great, I always got a fast reply and service interuption was always minimal. Game updates are always there on time and ready to be installed. I like the game tracker features also. I would highly recommend this service to anyone the wants a fast reliable and easy to use game service. It would be nice to have a little more access to some of the game files. But they are always happy to install mods for you.

1380 days ago
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Firstly kudos to Envul and CBSM for giving control back to admins and players :)
I have been with GameServers for 2 years initially I had Rust Legacy running there and it was great the service was outstanding, that was 2 years ago. 1 Year ago I changed to 7 Days to Die and to start with it was great but the last few months have been terrible the server is constantly out or lagging so bad its not playable 2 months ago I asked them to fix the lag and without notice they simply wiped the server, 1 month ago they did it again, I was not happy. Yesterday it took 20 hours to get a reply from service center. I wish I would not have paid up front now. If I can find another service provider in Australia for roughly the same price I would switch.