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Low Latency Servers - Reviews and Pricing

About Low Latency Servers

Founded in 2012

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Low Latency Servers offers a TCAdmin Control Panel


Games offered by Low Latency Servers

Game Slot Fee Capacity
7 Days to Die $0.80 10 - 64 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $0.60 5 - 250 Slots Compare
Starbound $0.80 10 - 254 Slots Compare
Unturned $0.83 6 - 24 Slots Compare
Minecraft $0.83 30 - 100 Slots Compare
Life is Feudal: Your Own $0.47 1 - 64 Slots Compare

Low Latency Servers Reviews and Feedback

562 days ago
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Server running smooth as anything but very slow to respond to support 4 days and still nothing

1352 days ago
1 0

I've had nothing but great experiences with Low Latency! They are very quick to respond to support tickets and the server has never had a blackout while I've been with them. Great job and best price I've found!

1378 days ago
1 0

I have been using this host for a while now and in addition to the lowest price per slot I've dealt with, they truly live up to their name by ensuring low latency hosting and their response to tickets is usually within the hour in my experience.

The TCAdmin panel is easy to navigate and there is a quick response if connecting via FTP to make changes to the server. It was also very easy to set up profiles for my admins to access the server in my absence.

1381 days ago
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I had server about 6 mounths. Everything was great. Great service and great servers :D
Also fast support and great prices.

1382 days ago
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Lowlatency was recommended to me by another 7 Days to Die server runner. They are very low priced and since i have had them they have not gone down once. They respond very quickly to all inquiries, setup is an ease and all info is provided in the immediate email.

i have access to all my files, including individual world files, serveradmin file and player files. I can add mods at any time, it also comes Allocs fixes ALREADY installed for you. It works fantastic with the home run grand champion of ALL server managers CBSM!

Some people have had issues with glitching and black screens etc but on our server we wee up and running in minutes while others had to stay down all night due to errors while waiting for patches to fix things. My members have great ping, slightly higher in EU though since our server is centrally located in TX but no one has complained once. Restarts when needed are quick and easy and they offer Teamspeak packages as well.

I have nothing but nice things to say about them and will be a devoted customer of theirs for a long time coming.