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PingPerfect - Reviews and Pricing

About PingPerfect

Founded in 2013

It's all in the name with PingPerfect -as their goal is ensure you have the perfect ping and performance on your game server. The team at PingPerfect is dedicated to monitoring and keeping up with a great deal of games as they currently offer more than 90 different game servers. With the purchase of a game server PingPerfect also offers a free web hosting service intended to aid the growth and management of your server and it's community.

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PingPerfect offers a TCAdmin Control PanelPingPerfect DDoS Protection


Games offered by PingPerfect

Game Slot Fee Capacity
7 Days to Die $1.14 10 - 32 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $0.70 1 - 250 Slots Compare
Arma 3 $0.75 1 - 100 Slots Compare
Arma 2 $1.01 40 - 100 Slots Compare
Call of Duty: World at War $0.61 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Arma 2: DayZ Mod $0.70 40 - 100 Slots Compare
Arma 2: DayZ Mod $0.61 10 - 32 Slots Compare
Arma 2: DayZ Mod $0.91 10 - 60 Slots Compare
Killing Floor 2 $1.71 1 - 250 Slots Compare

PingPerfect Reviews and Feedback

763 days ago
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PingPerfect has made a world of difference to our 7Days gaming community. Thank you very much for an outstanding job and a very smooth experience.

1232 days ago
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I use pingperfect for 7 Days to Die,
I normally don't write review for hosting, but pingperfect really surprised me with their supports. Everyone knows when come to hosting, support is really important, especially for an alpha game like 7dtd.

They have the best support team I ever seen, not just in Game server hosting!!
they are very friendly and their reaction time is great, I feel really comfortable when asking for their helps and support.
Even my timezone have 8 hours different from theirs , but not a problem at all to their 24/7 support.
Great Jobs~

I highly recommend them~

1370 days ago
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I Use Pingperfect as a host for 7 Days To Die!
They offered great customer support for 7 days to die!
Running the server was Great, 32GB ram for 20 slots was awesome!
Seen to many servers only offer 4GB for a 15 slot server, Hence "Gameservers".
I fully recommend them!

1379 days ago
2 0

I first used Pingperfect as a host for 7 Days To Die, they were the 3rd hosting company I had been with. I stopped my search with them. They offered great customer support for 7 days to die and if it wasn't for us renting our own dedi now I would go back to them for a 7 days server. However, When choosing them as a host for Ark, I do not recommend or nor would I return. Our server couldn't even hold half the amount of player slots we were paying for and when we had issues their go to response was our map was corrupted, their customer support for Ark was terrible. When I left Pingperfect and transferred all of our files to a dedi we were purchasing everything was fine and were able to continue using our map that they deemed "corrupted".