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Survival Servers - Reviews and Pricing

About Survival Servers

Founded in 2012

Founded in August 2012 by a pair of friends, Survival Servers has since provided thousands of gamers worldwide with high-performance and lag-free servers. With competitive pricing and many of the best custom control panels available, Survival Servers has become increasingly well known in the gaming community - leading to the notable expansions and improvements to their team, locations, and services offered.

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Survival Servers offers a Custom Control PanelSurvival Servers DDoS Protection


Games offered by Survival Servers

Game Slot Fee Capacity
Arma 2: DayZ Mod $0.40 50 - 100 Slots Compare
Arma 3 $0.40 50 - 100 Slots Compare
Unturned $0.83 12 - 24 Slots Compare
Rust $0.20 50 - 500 Slots Compare
Reign of Kings $1.00 10 - 100 Slots Compare
Killing Floor 2 $1.67 6 - 6 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $0.38 10 - 250 Slots Compare

Survival Servers Reviews and Feedback

998 days ago
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Good on these guys for starting their own server farm, but that's about the best praise I can give them. I rate server providers by service tickets. The less I have to submit, the better the rating in my opinion. In less than a week after renting a server from them I've had no end of issues. First, there was the fact that after 24 hours, I couldn't connect through a remote server manager, as the rcon port wasn't responding. The second was having the server stopping for no reason at all. There was no automatic restart of the server. Third was the fact that if you needed to restart the server (say after a config change or mod addition) the system reset the server config file back to install defaults.

If you're looking for just a vanilla server, or are looking for a cheap option, this is the only way I'd recommend this outfit.

1119 days ago
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This Post is similair to the one above. I was really dissapointed to rent from Survival Servers and then find out there is no way to easily edit the serverconfig.xml through a web based page or even 3rd party app. I ended up here as a recomended by in there server tools page. It was the first one on the page too. This site sucks I think you have to pay for features. I went thru the setup process and I cant find where in the dashboard or any other page, where the hell your suppose to manage your server. I'm done.......bye

1275 days ago
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Need to bump this since I am unable to edit my original review before I was helped out by Survival Server's CEO.

1283 days ago
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I am now leaving a favorable review of Survival Servers. The CEO reached out to me to resolve all of my issues and they are in the process of updating their 7 Days to Die control panel.

1287 days ago
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They are missing very basic features for 7 days to die. Including the ability to edit basic serverconfig.xml settings right from their control panel.