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About Vilayer

Founded in 2008

Founded in 2008, Vilayer went live in 2009 and was among the first companies to offer fully automated hosting solutions and continues to lead the market through the development of hosting technology. ViLayer makes it their mission to exceed your expectations and commit to finding a customized solution to fit your hosting needs.

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Vilayer offers a TCAdmin Control PanelVilayer DDoS Protection


Games offered by Vilayer

Game Slot Fee Capacity
Medieval Engineers $1.49 10 - 64 Slots Compare
7 Days to Die $1.49 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Space Engineers $1.49 10 - 64 Slots Compare
Killing Floor 2 $1.49 6 - 6 Slots Compare
Rust $0.27 50 - 250 Slots Compare
Arma 3 $1.64 30 - 128 Slots Compare
Arma 2 $1.49 20 - 128 Slots Compare
Garry's Mod $0.90 8 - 64 Slots Compare
Unturned $1.27 8 - 24 Slots Compare
Reign of Kings $1.27 20 - 40 Slots Compare
Life is Feudal: Your Own $0.75 64 - 64 Slots Compare
ARK: Survival Evolved $0.95 40 - 127 Slots Compare

Vilayer Reviews and Feedback

891 days ago
0 0

After it that days my server reboot only their problem no repayment posible after two weeks my server is planting no new no paypal repayment says that it is a single payment vilayer says that it is paypal .... for an unsubscription

897 days ago
0 0

Everything worked as expected, really good hosting company!

1346 days ago
0 0

does not give you what they write about on their sides, and suport takes a long time before answering. They fail to deliver server as the laws steer away !!

1356 days ago
0 0

Vilayer was our first hosting company for Dayz (Arma 2 mod) when it came out and their the customer support answers quickly and that TCAdmin panel works just fine!

1381 days ago
0 0

Vilayer was our first hosting company for 7 Days To Die. It did it's job. I don't recall having any issues with them other than the customer support wasn't the greatest but I dont remember noticing anything that set them apart from other hosts for us or anything that would make me want to return. If you're looking for a hosting company for a server of about 10 player slots total, Vilayer wasn't so bad. We left because we were told another hosting company would write in custom recipes for us on request, something Vilayer at the time did not offer.